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Watch Series, How to Start?

You are here right now because you want to replay the episode that you missed on TV, web channels or your short of money to pay for subscription for a live streaming service. Well, you come to the right place! provides collection of various genre of TV shows from different country around the world. Aside from that there are selected movies that you can view from this site. Of course, the video streaming links availability depends on the submission made by video link providers. Most of the video hosts are capable of streaming videos very fast without the trouble of downloading the actual file. There is however an option to download the video, MKV or MP4 in case you prefer that way. Just take note that it will take your bandwidth so most of WatchSeries users prefer streaming than downloading.

Now how to start watching movies and TV shows here online? First, search the title of your series or movies to watch. Then select a video provider that you prefer. You have two option. First, you can watch the streaming immediately by clicking the PLAY button from the page. Second, you can open the link from the list of video links listed in the page. It will open to another window that let you view the video streaming direct from the provider. The first option was already prepared so that it will be ready for you to use to view immediately the video.

Why I can't access WatchSeries?

If you see that the site is offline, check your internet if its working properly or not. There's a possibility that the site is under maintenance and this is a temporary issue. You can try visiting the alternative site: in case the site persists to be inaccessible. You can also try a VPN to bypass the filter of your ISP. This will also protect your privacy while using the site.