Awake Surgery

Awake Surgery

Premiere Date: December 14, 2022
Air Time: 10:00 pm
Air Day: Wednesday
If you want surgery and don't qualify for general anesthesia, or just have fears about general anesthesia, there's one doctor you can rely on and that's Dr. Meegan Gruber. Dr. Gruber has been a practicing board certified plastic surgeon for 20 years. She's developed her own techniques for numbing, calming, and treating patients from all walks of life in order to perform life changing surgeries… all while the patients are completely awake. From patients who just want facelifts to look a little younger to people who need larger surgeries so they can function in their normal lives, Dr. Gruber can do it all. Some patients request mirrors to watch, some order take-out while still on the table, and some video call their loved ones to keep them up to date. One thing is for sure… anything can happen. With the help of her surgical staff, watch up close as Dr. Gruber cuts, scrapes and laughs with her patients while they are wide awake during surgery. . Watch TV shows online free. Watch Awake Surgery series online.

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