Airplane Repo

Airplane Repo

Premiere Date: December 8, 2010 (US)
Casts: Mike Rowe
Air Time: 10:00 PM
Country: US
Air Day: Thursday
Three adrenaline-seeking repo men push themselves, and the law, to the edge to capture multi-million-dollar luxury jets. Thrill-seeker and ace pilot Mike Kennedy scours the Florida night in search of a Learjet that might just crash and burn. Family man Ken Cage and tattooed partner, Danny Thompson, chase an elusive Baron 58 aircraft across the rugged Arizona desert. Wily cowboy, Kevin Lacey, pursues a Cessna airplane into rattlesnake-filled rural Texas straight into the drawn pistols of the Texas police. It’s good old American know-how meets cloak-and-dagger, where dangerous heists mean big paydays and even bigger risks. The Airplane Repo crew scour the ends of the earth to hunt down and recover high-value toxic assets from the nation’s wealthiest "1%." Dig deep into the minds of these high-flying daredevils to find out what makes them tick. Is it greed? Pride? Justice? Or just pure, unadulterated thrill-seeking? In each episode of Airplane Repo, these experts are hired by banks to repossess high-end and enormous luxury assets from wealthy individuals behind on their payments. From violent altercations with owners and potential incarceration, to the dangers of flying unfamiliar and possibly damaged planes, the Airplane Repo men and women put their lives on the line to get these luxurious mechanical giants back where they belong. These high-flying daredevils have the cool tools, experience and the cunning to outsmart bankrupt billionaires on the run, but with more obstacles than ever, will they be able to stay afloat in this risky business?. Watch TV shows online free. Watch Airplane Repo series online.

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Super Repo Men | Airplane Repo

Super Repo Men | Airplane Repo

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